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Crema triple clotrimazol gentamicina betametasona (Mushroom) extract, betaine, betulinic acid, ceramide 3, 6-70, 12-80, 7-71, 2, ceramide 3, 5-14, 7a/b, 8a/b, and ceramide 4-14 (all from the Chinese Herbal Ingredients Database). All other plant materials as indicated in the table were purchased from China and are not the Herbal Essence Products. Skin Modeling Two subjects participated in the study. first subject, no changes after 30 d of administration the cream were observed (P.S). In the second subject (P.S.), a reduction was observed in the number (from 6 to 2) and depth (from 10 to 10) of blemishes. This study is not subject to NDRL approval. Results and Discussion In the present study, efficacy of cosmetic cream did not have any significant changes in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 30 d. It also failed to promote the improvement in texture, firmness, elasticity, elasticity appearance, and firmness of canada pharmacy viagra generic the epidermis. cream did not increase the moisture levels in skin, nor did it reduce the skin temperature of skin. The cream promoted a reduction of the number micro-fine spots that appeared in the epidermis, particularly pore-clogs neck region. The reduction in number and depth of micro-fine lines was significant as the number reduced from 6 to 2. The area of micro-fine lines decreased in the majority of regions where number micro-fine spots were observed, namely, the cheeks, brow, chin area, neck, the upper lip, stomach region, and the chest, but did not change in all of these regions during different periods. the experiment, cream did not increase the skin moisture levels in all regions and showed a slight decrease in the skin temperature between 30 and 40 d after the experiment. In conclusion, the cosmetic cream promoted improvements of the micro-fine lines and wrinkles that appeared in the skin of P.S. There was a significant decrease in the number and depth of micro-fine lines as a result of the cosmetic product. improvement skin texture and Lorazepam 0.5 mg iv firmness was also observed. Nevertheless, in order to obtain these improvements, it is essential to continuously apply the product. In addition, further studies are needed to validate the cosmetic creams as a treatment for the various facial dysfunctions after 30 d study period. The cosmetic creams had no side effects such as erythema, dryness, irritation, or pruritus; the most frequent side effect was pruritus. All of the subjects had a positive opinion on the cosmetics creams. The results show that cosmetic formulations do not have any significant effect on the skin, even when applied over a prolonged period. Further studies of the cosmetic formulations in other studies and a longer-term research study are warranted to explore its potential promote changes in skin function and well-being. Acknowledgement This study was supported by ZHU Pharma Co., Ltd. (Zhongyuan, China) and the Shanghai Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (China), China. We wish to express our appreciation Dr. Xanax 1mg 120 $320.00 $2.67 $288.00 Zhang Yan for helping us with the data analysis in a timely manner. We especially thank Dr. Liu Qiang for help with the skin analyses; Ms. Wang Jing for helping with the skin analyses; Dr. Li Yan of Lianhe Hospital (Zhongyuan, China) for helping with the skin assessment and data analysis; Dr. Li Jiawen for helping with the data acquisition; and Dr. Yang Xiaoyin, Zhongyuan Hospital School of Nursing, City for helpful comments on the manuscript. We also extend sincere apologies to Dr. Hwang Ji-pyo, who took part in the study before us, and all the staffs of Zhongyuan National Hospital for their efforts during this research. References 1. Zhong X Zhang C Chen Y Li X Wang Zheng B Lin L-Y Bao V-L, et al. The efficacy of cream for improvement fine lines and wrinkles, Zhongyuan Pharmaceutical Journal, 2004, vol. 23 (pg. 579 - 585 ), vol.(pg. 2. Zhong H-Y Huang Y-M Lin M-J Zhang D-H Lu D-C Wu H-X Sun Q-Y, et al. Effects of antioxidant composition a cosmetic skin care cream on fine lines, Cosmetic Dermatology, 2008, vol. 7 (pg. 539 - 546 ), vol.(pg. 3. Huang Q-))

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